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The process is simple… 


Validation is the first step in the process...

1. Report Your Item Lost

On the My Orders page, simple click “Report Lost” on the item that you would like to file a claim for. 

2. File Claim & Upload Receipts

Once your item is reported lost, you have 30 days to file your claim and upload your receipts to be reimbursed. 

Getting Paid Fast is the last step!

Chose between 2 payout methods...

Plastic Visa Debit Card

  1. Used anywhere Visa is accepted.
  2. Mailed to you in 3-5 days.
  3. Can be gifted.
  4. Can be mailed to the gifted person.
  5. Activation required.

Virtual Visa Debit Card

  1. Used online only
  2. Used everywhere Visa is accepted
  3. No activation required.
  4. Can be gifted.
  5. Instant Access!

We make getting paid easy! 


You may have seen the column "Balance' on your Max Coverage Warranty "My Orders" page. This is the remaining balance that you can file a claim on. For example if your Coverage Amount is $500, and you file a claim for $300, then after the claim has been completed, and has been paid, you will then see a balance of $200 remaining on your Warranty Coverage. If you file a second claim for the amount of $250, then the max payout on the second claim will only be the remaining balance of $200, and then your balance on that Warranty Order will then show $0. After your balance is $0, your claim will be marked "Claim Paid," and you will no longer be able to file claims on this Warranty Order again. 

Great question. If you look on the "My Orders" page, you will see the claims balance on each order. 

If you go to the "My Orders" page, you will see a column labeled, "Days Left." Here, you can see how many remaining days you have remaining to file a claim on your Warranty Order. 

Absolutely! You are covered for lost and stolen keys anywhere in the world.

Not with us! There are no deductibles!

There is a short waiting term, just in case you find your item, and only misplaced it. You will need to wait for a period of 3 days after losing your item in order to file a claim. 

In order to file a claim, you will need the receipts of the items that are being covered and replaced on the file a claim form. 

The first step is reporting your item lost or stolen. You must wait 3 days in order to do this step. After the 3 day waiting period, you may report your item lost. Once the item is reported lost, you can file a claim on your item. Remember, you have up to 30 days to file your claim and upload your receipts for the replacement items from the date of your submission. There will be a countdown on the file a claim button with the number of days left before your claim will automatically be both expired and closed. 

You can visit your "My Orders" page, to see if you are eligible to file a claim on your warranty order. Each warranty order has a "File Claim" column, and you will see a "File Claim" button if you are eligible to file. 

There are several reasons why you might not see a File Claim button on your Warranty Order. They are as follows:

  1. Your claim has expired and the days remaining on your claim is 0, in which case you should see the status, "Claim Expired."  
  2. You have an active claim still being validated on the order, in which case you should see the status, "In Progress." 
  3. You have cancelled the claim on the ReturnMe website, in which case your order should say, "Cancelled."
  4. You have filed claims and have exhausted the Max Coverage Replacement Total Coverage Amount on your plan. You will see the balance is $0, and you will also see "Claim Paid.

Your order Eligibility is determined by the days remaining on your order. If the Term is 2 years, and the current date is 2.5 years later, then your order will be "Ineligible and Expired," at which point you will not be able to file a claim on your warranty order.

The status of an order is either "Success" which means paid, or it could be "Cancelled" in which you cancelled on ReturnMe's website, and the warranty Max Coverage order has also been cancelled. 

No. If you feel that a security risk exists because the lost key is traceable to your property, you should replace the locks. We will not pay for any replacement locks or locksmith charges.

Claims are paid fast and easy! You have 2 options: 

  1. Get paid via a Visa Debit Card.
    1. This card will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days and can be gifted to anyone you chose. 
    2. This card will be a physical plastic card to be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. 
    3. You will need to activate this card once you get it in the mail. 
    4. You will receive status notifications via email when your card is:
      1. Verified. 
      2. Processing. 
      3. Processed 
      4. Shipped
      5. Activated
  2. Get paid via a Virtual Visa Debit Card.
    1. This payout is instant and doesn't require any mail carrier service.
    2. You can redeem the virtual card instantly. 
    3. The virtual card will be available online instantly, and can be used anywhere online or where a non-physical debit card can be used. 
    4. This card will not be a physical plastic card. 

Unfortunately once you have chosen your payout method, this method cannot be reversed. 

Great question. Your claim will be paid immediately after the claim is validated. Ensuring that you have uploaded receipts that are clearly visible, and we verify you are fully eligible at the time of filing your claim, we will initiate the automatic payout that you have chosen, immediately. 

You can see the progress of your claim by visiting "My Claims" and you will see a "Progress" column. There you will see the Progress and State of the Claim. 

Claim State:

  1. Paid: Claim has been paid. 
  2. Closed: Claim has been closed and not Paid, nor complete. 
  3. Complete: Claim has been validated and Approved. 

Claim Progress:

  1. Approved: Your claim has been validated and approved and is ready for a payout. 
  2. Unapproved: Your claim is being validated and the claims rep may contact you for more information, or is simply reviewing your receipts. 
  3. Complete
  4. Closed

  1. Any keys lost or stolen while such keys were not attached with your activated ReturnMe recovery tag
  2. Any insured event not reported to Jacana Warranty within 30 days.
  3. Amount claimed where you do not submit valid receipts or invoices to Jacana Warranty
  4. Any additional costs relating to the loss of your keys
  5. Any loss of earnings or profits which you suffer as a result of the loss or theft of an insured key.
  6. Claims arising from any reckless, deliberate or criminal act or omission by you.
  7. Any locks or locksmith changes
  8. An insured event which occurs outside the coverage term

This Agreement may be transferred to any person in the United States or Canada at no charge. In order to transfer please email with the tag ID# you wish to transfer

You may make more than one claim within the Coverage Term period. Please note, the total sum payable in each claim cannot exceed the annual coverage amount.

All keys- whatever type attached to your key fob will be covered (car, house, garage, office) by this agreement

You can attach as many of your keys as you choose.

No. The reward will be sent directly by ReturnMe to the person who found your keys. The reward will be a $50 ReturnMe voucher to be used towards ReturnMe recovery tags at If you wish to give any monetary reward you may do so directly to the finder.

To see the status of payouts, please visit the "My Claims" page, and click the "Claim Payouts" Tab, or simply click here... 

Our Virtual Visa Debit Card is an online card only. You will get access to the card data, and it will be made available to you instantly after your claim is validated. To view the card data, simply visit the Claims Page and click the Payouts tab, or click the Payouts menu item. Once you see your payouts, if you have been issued a Virtual Visa Card, simply click "View Card." 

If your card has already been redeemed, you will see your card instantly. 

If you have not redeemed your card, you will be asked to fill out a one page redemption form which is similar to an activation. 

And that's it! 

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